2018 Trip to FBI Headquarters and Quantico

Our FBI Headquarters and Quantico trip has been confirmed! We will visit FBI Headquarters on Tuesday, 4/3/2018, and visit Quantico (FBI Training Academy) on Wednesday, 4/4/2018. This is the week following Easter Sunday (which is Sunday, April 1st). This will be right in the middle of the Cherry Blossom season so it should be beautiful in Washington!

All participants are required to pay for all of their own expenses, including travel, hotel, meals, and any incidentals while in the Washington, DC area. In the past, trips have run approximately $1200-$1500 per person depending on airfare and hotel costs.

We are limited to 30 participants total and this includes all FBI personnel that are required to attend along with Citizens Academy Graduates and any guests (18 years of age and older) that travel with the graduate (please limit one per graduate). At this time we need to get a firm commitment of who wants to go on this trip. In order to qualify to attend the DC trip, graduates must be dues paying members and must have their 5 year certifications up to date and also submit to a current background check. All guests must also submit to a background check prior to being authorized to attend.

The deadline to make your commitment to attend is Friday, 3/02/2018. Please send an email to COS Lori Chauvin at lachauvin@fbi.gov and also cc Chapter President Leisa Farrar at president@fbicaanola.com and Chapter Secretary Kathleen LaGrange at secretary@fbicaanola.com. We will take names on a first come, first serve basis only. Once we hit our limit, we will start a waiting list. COS Chauvin will contact all graduates selected to gather the required information in order to complete the appropriate background checks for everyone.

We are also looking for 1-2 additional Chapter members to join the committee to plan additional tours and activities while in the DC area. If you are interested, please contact COS Lori Chauvin either by email or at 504/816-3293 (desk). (Right now Wendy Lipsey & Judge John Grout have volunteered - thanks so much!)

Thanks so much and looking forward to another fabulous trip!